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NOTE: In light of the events in this country on September 11, 2001, subsequent events and being a military family, I felt it prudent to remove photos of my family members.

My Husband

My Husband's name is Marvin. A U.S. Navy Captain in the Supply Corps. Currently his career brings us to Nebraska. Nebraska !!??!! Yes, there is Navy in Nebraska. When Marvin gets lonesome for the sea, he thinks about floating a boat in the Missouri River. :-) No, just kidding. So far he has 24+ years in the Navy, and it doesn't look like they are going to be getting rid of him any time soon. We've been married 16+ years and still having fun. I admire his tenacity and his intelligence. And he has great tastes - He married me, didn't he? :-)

Our Daughters

Together Marvin and I have six daughters between us...a his, hers and ours thingie. The younger three are still at home, and the girls I homeschool. Our daughters are Karen, Briana, and Danielle, Jessica (married to David - they have one daughter), Jillian, and Rebekah (Beki) (married to Mike - they have one son).

My Momma

My Momma, Barbara, is from South Carolina. She stayed at home for about thirty years and held the family together during Daddy's sea tours and his retirement, the moves,...then went back to school to earn a degree in nursing. She's a pediatric nurse. I think a lot of her expertise comes from having five children. She had three boys and two girls. I did have one complaint being the second oldest and my sister being the baby...that she took so long to have another girl.

After Daddy died, Momma married a very nice man, Robert (Skip). He's just as sweet as honey. Very loving and caring to us, and loves Momma. They like the same things, do just about everything together, and have both retired now and travelling. I hope they are very happy together.

My Siblings

Now my siblings: My older brother, Edwin, is probably the biggest sportsman in the family. He's been hunting since he was eight years old. He has a special lady in his life named Gaye. We all think a lot of her, cause she can put up with things we never could. :-) He also owns and operates a forestry company out of Raleigh, North Carolina: Timber Marketing & Management of the Carolinas, Inc.. Anything to stay "in the woods", right?

My next brother, Bruce, is a police officer and a VERY GOOD one, too! He likes to fish more than hunt, I think. He has three daughters and one son. Guess he wasn't always patrolling, huh? :-)

The last brother is Kenneth..(Now Edwin has a little competition there...) He's big sportsman, too. He's also the only blonde in my sibling group.

The last sibling is my little sister, Cynthia. She's an elementary school teacher. And loves it! She's married to a nice man, Tommy, and has two sons.

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