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"I Just Want To Dance With You" - George Strait
- sequenced by Chuck Duklis

About Me

Cute baby, wasn't I? My name is Donna. I was born in Key West, Florida and raised up and down the East Coast as a Navy brat. Spent most of my life in Charleston, South Carolina. Many people throughout my life have called me a Southern Belle. (I think it's the strong accent...could be the just my laid back, easy going charm and style. *cough, cough* *S*) I have four daughters: Rebekah, Karen, Briana, and Danielle. Ages: 26 to 12 years of age, the younger three I have taught at home since 1994. I also have a cocker spaniel, C.J., and two cats, Samantha and Salem. Right now our home is in Nebraska.

I'm the product of the heritage of Louisiana and South Carolina. Being a Navy brat afforded me the privilege of moving around a lot. I enjoyed the challenges of change. My father's career took him to Key West, Florida, where I was born and from there up and down the east coast. From the trailer park in Knoxville, Tennessee where I started school, falling in the ditch outside our home excitedly trying to rush in to tell my mother about my first day. Yes, but it wasn't all my fault - the grass was wet with rain and the bus driver pulled off the road a bit too far. Boom! In I slipped and mother got it all on film. Thanks, Mom. The 7 foot drifts of snow in New London, Connecticut when I was eight, which was the only thing that would close school in the north. The countless field trips in Hampton Virginia Public Schools. To the heavy subtropical air and palmetto trees of Charleston, South Carolina - where my father retired - and the final move away from the city to Goose Creek, South Carolina.

I love playing chess, drinking hot chocolate beside warm fires, the snow, the beach, literature, spending time with my family and friends and MUSIC! Even will listen to the new rap stuff before I give an opinion. Love, without a doubt Jimmy Buffett and his music. My favorite JB tunes are:

Desdemona's Building A Rocket Ship
Love In The Library
Bring Back The Magic
California Promises
A Frenchman For The Night
(Yes, I'm one of the Buffett Broads)
Last Mango In Paris
Bob Robert's Society Band
Slow Boat To China
Not only the music, but the lyrics - the stories that are told. I've heard that music is the ultimate time machine. I believe that. The theme song, Creola, has lyrics that just seem to say a lot about my southern heritage:   Louisiana, on my Dad's side of the family and the South in general, from my Mom's side of the family and where I've spent most of my life.  Family and true friends are very important to me. I would like to thank Jimmy Buffett for sharing a part of his life and stories in his music.  There seems to be a Buffett tune for every occassion. *Smile*

I also like the songs of Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, Julio Iglesias, George (Ooohhh, be still my heart!) Strait , Ronnie Milsap (yes, you parrot heads - country music!), Randy Travis, Linda Ronstadt, Air Supply, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong ~ well, I think you get the idea...a lot of things, including opera and classical. I love the romantic tunes, jazz, and the blues. I also like to collect midis and have several favorite midi sequencers. By far the best in digitized talents is Sal Grippaldi - RedSal, a wonderfully talented musician and a good friend. You will find many of his midis on this website and on my "Thank You, Sal" page.

One of the few times Edwin and I sat together smiling. *S* Just kidding!

Key West, FL - About 4 years old. Yes, I was a blonde! *S*

See what I mean?! He's wincing and I'm smiling - heh heh!

Dreaming of Margaritaville back in first grade. *S*

First Grade

Fifth Grade

Twelfth Grade

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