I don't apply for awards - mostly because I'm too shy. With one exception - The Geocities Featured Site award - Well! *S* I hosted with them from 1996 to 1999. The awards below were given by visitors who were pleased with my website - for which I am pleased they found an enjoyable place here. Please visit these nice folks, you will have a nice time.

There have been many other awards from wonderful folks who have moved on and off the internet for which their awards are not here (no place to link to). I will miss them....someday I hope they give website building another try.

"You'll Never Know"
- sequenced by
Sal Grippaldi, Redsal's Midis

Thank you, Dot :-)

Northern Prince 2000

Thank you, Northern Prince

Thank you, Patsy (Misker)


Thank you, Pat Darnall !

Thank you, TNCutie!

A double award winner !

The first to receive a double award from the staff at Bonbon Enterprize awards Headquarters
Thank you so much for the surprise and honor, Enchante`!

(When I hosted my website at Geocities)
Thank you, Geocities!

Thank you, Bluecat!

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