"Creola" by Jimmy Buffett
- sequenced by Sal Grippaldi ,RedSal for Southern Belle


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By: Jimmy Buffett, Ralph MacDonald, William Salter

I remember as a child all the happiness and smiles
Flowed around my grandma's Sunday table
While Auntie Mae was sayin' grace
Papa T would sneak a taste
Catch a funny look from my cousin Mabel

Then daddy'd beat the drum
The old folks start to hum
Sing the only song that we all knew
Ambiance so fine, dancin' drinkin' wine
Sing about the lifestyle on the bayou

The years have come and gone
Still the old song lingers on
I keep it in my heart with fond affection
Like the family good luck charm
That keeps away the harm
Creola's always there for my protection were sayin' (sayin')

Just repeat the words I say
About a thousand times a day
Creola, Creola

In my sola
I loved what they were sayin'
I loved what they were playin'

On my victrola
Makes me feel like dancin'
Fall in love romancin' the melody
Creola, Creola, Creola for me

It's in the mood, it's in the blood
It's in the food, it's in the mud
It's a spicy kind of life

Just forget about the mumbo jumbo
Hello to the world of gumbo
Creola, Creola

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