March 4, 2006
Somehow the magic has waned these last few years...

When I started out on the internet back in 1996, my excitement and enthusiasm was as vast as the internet itself. I met new people from all over the world, discovered chat, got involved with various groups that interested me, became enamored with creating web pages and the technology, reawakened my love for music through the wonders of digitized codecs, and found a new medium for art. I also started an online business. Each time that I got close to validating humanity with optimism, I was disappointed. Sounds sad, doesn't it?

However, regardless of however many times I stumbled with events, I still continued my journey. I didn't realize the most important thing I discovered on the internet was not related to the technology, but it was about people - and myself.

Honor, honesty, integrity, responsibility, thoughtfulness, respectfulness, faithfulness, et. al. are rare character qualities in people. People, in general, strive for these qualities, but don't always achieve them - at least they try. Occassionally, you meet people who don't strive at all. In the past ten years, I have made many friends. I've also lost many "friends". Lack of honor and integrity were the major culprits; also, I don't like being taken for granted. And I found I had changed - more than I really wanted.

We all change with time, yadda yadda... Life continues on, blah blah.... "Don't make life so tragic...", Bodda bing!

Somewhere along the last ten years, I grew an extra layer of skin to try to protect myself from getting hurt, or used - it didn't work. But the skin became so thick I stopped getting excited about most everything - especially in regards to the web. Until now...

I made an important change in my life in recent months, doesn't matter what is was. What does matter is to "keep livin' straight from the heart". This sabbatical-six-months was needed to "know when to stop and to start" - and to re-evaluate who I am, now. Where many areas of this personal website are very relevant to who I am, some do not go deep enough. Others have disappeared completely, replaced by new ones. And all are out of date.

So, while I work in the background on the new "Southern Belle" to "bring back the magic", enjoy the remaining time with the Old "Southern Belle". Come back soon, and often, to watch for the change...

... and by the way, just call me Belle.
Southern Belle
"Bring Back The Magic"
~ Jimmy Buffett

Nothing can tear you apart
If you keep livin' straight from the heart
Though you know that you're gonna to hurt some
The magic will come
If you keep livin' straight from the heart
You will know when to stop and to start
Once you see that no one really wins
Then the magic begins

Bring back the magic
Don't make life so tragic



"Bring Back The Magic" - sequenced by Redsal's Midis , for Southern Belle
To obtain a copy of the midi, visit Redsal's Buffett Midis.